February 18h – Inside A Ransomeware Attack – An Experts View


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Las Vegas, NV, US, 89118

Our First Zoom meeting ever!!!!

In this session, our speaker will walk through a ransomware attack. During this case study, we’ll highlight the way the adversary gained initial access to a client environment, how they established a foothold, and how they moved quickly to deploy their ransomware across an enterprise network. Throughout the presentation we’ll also highlight steps the organization could have taken to prevent or limit the impact of the attack.

Speaker topics and bios

Francisco is the Senior Director of Global Security Strategy at Kudelski Security, a global pure-play security services provider. His passion and hobby is researching and understanding Nation-State hacking or “APT” capabilities and tools. He has been on the forefront of research into the Equation Group’s post-exploitation tools and capabilities since their release by the Shadow Brokers and has spoken about this research at Derbycon, Thotcon, Microsoft Bluehat, and other conferences.